Lint Grabbing Wash Balls review

I had loads of useful reviews on Mo Blogs I and II…Oh well, better start from scratch again. Here’s a brief one!

Don’t bother with Lint Grabbing Wash Balls (can be found at Lakeland). I got my balls on eBay, new, manufactured by Kleeneze.

I’ve been having some problems with lint (some kind of paper or maybe just powder in our Hotpoint WF860P) on clothes after machine washes recently. To remedy this problem I’ve been manually removing the stuff with tape but I also wanted something that could maybe help out in-wash and possibly prevent such things happening.

To get to the point, these fiver balls are a waste of money. I tried them twice (first 6, then all 12) and all they managed to catch was one or two un-bothersome hairs. We don’t own a pet so this function seems useless to us – maybe not pet owners of course. And in regards to lint, not a single bit of lint was on the ball. I’m getting less lint (I think) but I think that’s due to my manual lint removal. It seems I’m going to have to persist with this for a while, and perhaps maybe get our machine looked at.

I would not recommend anyone to try this with a wad of intentionally placed tissue paper as I don’t think it’s anywhere near up for the challenge. Ah well, it was too good to be true and now I know. I’d say the same thing applies to any kind of dryer or eco ball. The crux as to why this doesn’t work is that in relies on the probability that your drum will roll them around ‘all’ your clothes and that lint is big enough to catch in the fibres and that the lint moves from the clothing in the first place.




  1. I have tons of pet hair on my clothes, and am glad I read about this before I wasted my money. Thank you for the review 🙂


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