Signing off

I don’t think anyone’s going to read this, but on a thundery Sunday afternoon it’s something to do.

I’m ending blogging (but neither am I porting over to a social networking site *shiver*) as I haven’t really blogged properly in a while, due to having very little interest and being thrown off course by the poor functionality of two older services. So, this is a goodbye – to any sort of readership. It was fun helming Mo Blogs from 2004 to today 2007.

I saw Metallica last sunday at Wembley Stadium. It was a mighty fun time for my friend and I as we got see the ’07 version of the band in a newly built venue. Musically, you could say they were one of the acts it was built for.

They played no new songs on this mid-studio jaunt (just as well as I don’t want to be let down yet…), but they did play all the classics and some old surprises. Very good. The supports were decent, but as always let down by very blurry sound in contrast to ‘tallica’s good definition. I’m waiting to download the show which I bought off of Live Metallica.

Prince’s new album is out for free today. Labels and retailers may complain, but they were complaining ever since 3 letter file extension formats freely bought music to the masses. This is another step towards the future when both label and retailer are obsolete, things that will be seen as having gotten in the way between artist and fan.

And soon no longer will we see albums that often. If an artist has a song to pop out, they can just do that – not having to wait for a whole stool to form. Bread and butter will be achieved more through concerts and merchandise, while music (just like the music video already) will be the promotion itself.

This of course will make the ‘music biz’ less able to create stars as you now have to find your choices amidst the big indie record shop, but that’s no bad thing. If an artist is doing things more for the money than the art, I don’t want to pay them. I won’t go see them etc.

Of course downloadable music quality is reducing and the tangible products will always be favoured, but I’m sure those things will be address as technology and visions expand.

Anyway, goodbye friends. If you somehow manage to follow me, I’m going to be continuing with writing and a music project that’s shown more solidness than ever. But I’m not going to jinx it with details right now. Take care.