McCanns & Bin Laden

No, there’s no correlation between the McCanns & Bin Laden. Not yet anyway.

Everyone has their 2pence on the change of situation. The ladies in my life seem to think they did it. I’m not sure of that yet. It sounds too juicy a twist, more suitable for fiction.

It’s true they shouldn’t have left their daughter unsupervised, but to say that they killed – accidentally or not – and hid her body (under media glare!) via so-far pockets of evidence is too big a leap. If they did do it though, well then that’s messed up…But I’m willing to think that despite an overdone campaign for Madeline’s search, they couldn’t do that…

All I know is I’m glad I didn’t take bets with my Mrs. Else I would kill her as I wouldn’t pay her if she won…Accidentally, of course.

That was a joke, by the way.

And just to add:

I don’t think this is Bin Laden…I know I’ve had my skeptical hat on for a while, but ok he may have dyed his beard/trimmed it and put a new one on, but how did his nose inflate? The man in older photos has an average, perhaps thin nose in older photos. Also, it’s hard to see his eyes, there’s something strange about his physique. And his message sounds like a remix of previous ones even if the voice sounds right.

To me, this just seems like another bottle of fear (100% alcohol) opened for America and it’s allies, just to keep the reason for the War On Terrorism(tm) fresh.

It just reminds of that film where a dead man is faked as being alive by being used like a puppet. I’m not saying Bin Laden is dead. But whether he’s alive/not doesn’t matter; his likeness alone is profitable.

Kinda like Elvis.

You might spot his face next at a Tesco quick check-out screen, telling you to convert to high fibre or else face the wrath of constipation.


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