British Music Press

The rant I’m about to…rant…is not new and will be repeated by someone else. But how crap is the British/western music press?

The NME (New Musical Express) only champions variations of old music by fashionable boys with guitars, and usually white. If you share the Rolling Stones gene for garage rock, being a ‘geezer’ and studying sex and drugs alongside, you’re in. Sometimes they allow females and blacks – just to seem Benetton diverse. And sometimes they mention stuff other than the new Oasis/Smiths etc. Most corporate festivals are no better.

I will never get to read about music from around the world, or even find my loves of funk and metal (but not funk metal, sorry) front-cover praised (unless on occasion they’re too big to avoid).

But then, it’s all about sales, and Pete Doherty is much too valued as a drug user than say… a boring clean person. No one talks about his music. Perhaps because it’s not noteworthy?

Keep dancing about architecture, lads. I’ll continue to dig a bit deeper for new music of worth. I’ve found as much popular music as I’ll ever like.


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