14mins from writing and probably by the time I’ve published this entry I will be 28 years old.


It’s not as devastating as turning 10, 18 or 25 though. The next number that will make me think is 30.

12 minutes to go.

Every ageing person finds it hard to believe where time went, but I also feel I’ve lived quite a while now. These 28 years make sense, but the sum total of achievement is negligible. The only thing I take in pride is having my friends, family and goals. Maybe that’s enough. At 27.99 I’ve still got more diaries to fill. I hope.

10 minutes to go.

9 minutes to go…Hmm, I’d rather see this post out as a 27yr old as I’ll be writing a fair bit as a 28yr old.

Yeah…That’s wise.

6 mins to go, still 27…

Happy Birthday to me after! 😉


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