The Verve – The Thaw Session

Over at (good news reportage overall, but usually poor promotion of poor bands you don’t hear about next year.) you can download The Verve’s first new music in 10yrs; a 14min psychedelic jam reminiscent of ’89-’93, vintage Verve.

I loved The Verve quite a bit back in ’97 for the obvious singles (and their b-sides). But I enjoyed the older albums much more than Urban Hymns. I also hold some of what they do to be equally as important as Radiohead (maybe more if I’m really honest), with both bands dwarfing the boring Blur and Oasis. None of those two are in my album collection.

Richard Ashcroft has an engaging voice and good lyrics, but once he was severed from the amazing sounds emanating from Nick McCabe’s guitar…well, let’s just say this band was meant to be, even if it meant 2 splits. Hopefully there won’t be another one.

I had no plans to get their reformation album but if it’s like this 14min jam I’ll be quite up for it!…I wonder will they make it free? I promise to pay you more than 80p if you do!


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