eBay PayPal/Royal Mail online postage tips

I’m not a heavy eBay seller, but I am a regular one which is why I value the online postage service offered by Royal Mail via PayPal. No more queuing (unless I need an ink stamp for certain services)!

All I need to do is measure and weigh the item (inc. packaging) I’m going to sell on my postal scales and use RM’s Price Finder to work out the price according to destination and service.

The thing I don’t like is that unlike Royal Mail’s own Online Postage service, you can’t choose what portion of the paper (top, middle, bottom, left and right) to print on. Neither can you print on labels. This leaves you with having to possibly use one A4 page for just one stamp.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. If you’re posting a number of sold items (at least 2 or 3) you could use the same sheet.
When you print your first stamp you’ll notice that it appears on the bottom right of the page towards you. To print your second stamp, simply turn the paper over – as if turning the page of a book, not upside down – and insert the sheet back so that the back of the previous stamp is at the sheet feeder. Now print your second stamp.


You’ll notice that there’s a reasonable gap between the stamp on the front and the stamp at the back, allowing you to cut both without ruining one of them.

But before you cut, do you want to squeeze in 2 more? If so, simply turn the page upside down (not as if turning a page) so that a blank part is facing the sheet feeder. When the third stamp is printed, simply turn the page again (as if turning a page again) and print the fourth.
Do note that though, that in printing 3-4 stamps you do slightly print over the unimportant Royal Mail and PayPal logos of the first 2 stamps. Do this only if you don’t mind being touchy about this.

Two more things. Do you really need a certificate of posting? If you don’t bother with these (I admit I don’t…), let your printer skip printing the 2nd page (the 3rd page if you’ve been asked to fill in a customs form).
If you do use COP sheets and are posting at least 2 things, simply print on the back of the first COP sheet so both sides are used. You’ll want to make sure the reverse of a COP sheet is just behind a sheet for stamp printing (or just behind a customs form, if applicable) in the sheet feeder.

Also, for customs forms (CN22’s here). Those things are annoying in that they’re tiny and use a whole page, and one of the two squares is instructions you’ve long since learnt and throw away.
Instead of printing these forms, use my Royal Mail CN22 form (6 on one A4 page, PDF). Cut them out and fill them in yourself as needed.

Now, all you need is glue/tape!


Quidco Christmas Cup

Okay (British) people, how many of you are with cashback site Quidco?…How many of you are aware of the Quidco Christmas Cup?
If you want to join my team – featuring 2 other members so far – drop me an email with your username and I’ll invite you to Morons from Web Space.

Thinking of starting your own team? Good luck. But remember there’s a number of single person teams already, so your best chance to win is to join a filling up promoted one than making your own if you’re not into promoting.

The Inevitable Niggy Tardust…first impression

I paid 0.00. I think that was fair because the opportunity was there and the only thing I know about Saul Williams is his name turning up on articles next to Trent Reznor. And I think with that being the case for a lot of people, it must’ve been the more popular choice. The delivery method is akin to that of shareware; “if you like it show us some dough or just forget about it – but at least you’ve tasted it.” Good choice.

I’ve heard it once or twice and it’s not bad. I don’t think I’ll be playing it too much (the latter half of the album is quite decent though – Skin Of A Drum to The Ritual) or paying for it though.

The last time I really liked hip-hop was in the 1980s as a child, so that’s why you can dismiss my assessment.

The problem for me is that it sounds like Nine Inch Nails b-side stuff musically (and I’m not a particularly heavy NIN fan, but I respect some material), mashed up with a different voice. I can hear the joins.
The lyrics are interesting but I have to say I’m not engaged by Saul Williams’ voice. His delivery doesn’t come out and say “boo!” to me out of the dark, in say, the way Ice T does, nor is it as playful as LL Cool J (see, I can name check the classic guys).

It does however make a change from all the blinging provocation material that completely turned me off the genre via MTV saturation, but that’s about it.
The music that interests me most recently is away from the west entirely (particularly Yasmin Levy’s Mano Suave).

But I must say something positive. It was a good move and I think a smart way to swell Saul’s audience, who are undoubtedly out there. And kudos for bit rate/format choice and the addition of a PDF booklet and art.