Morrissey vs. NME

As with Iggy Pop (whose innocent gaffe I blogged about), I’m not a big Morrissey fan, but again I think I can spill some words for this topic.

I’m not fully familiar with Morrissey’s work or his personal beliefs, but for the NME to criticise him of being racist isn’t dissimilar to the Jewish reporter who bleated Mayor Ken Livingstone was antisemitic, while writing for a paper with an antisemitic past (and still present in some covered instances).

The problem seems to be that Morrissey’s ambiguous language either in the press or in his art can be used either to impale or defend him. Someone who yearns for ye old England can be accused of pining and whining about the past, but that’s about it. Someone who writes about a National Front Disco…is also probably just having a laugh.

Back to the NME. Since when has the NME ever been about anything, other than largely, white rock bands with guitars, playing the same kinds of music since the 60s? You’ll get the odd token hip hop act (deemed as representative of the entire black music scene) and the odd girl and maybe a slight mention of music outside the western sphere, but that’s it. The NME condones racism in it’s promotion of barely acknowledging anything other than young white rock bands. There’s nothing wrong with young white rock bands – I like a good wad – but there’s more to talk about than them and their ‘newsworthy’ nights getting pissed, stoned, arrested, near death and rehab.

Therefore, if Morrissey is racist, the NME are certainly not the magazine to be crying wolf.


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