LC no…I give up!

I’m coming up to the second year of my writing course (3yrs allowance). It can be done within a year if you work solidly but I didn’t, a lax deadline doesn’t help but I’m ploughing alone nicely with only 3 more modules (of 10) remaining, but then the rest of my novel is without hand holding.

Although I love writing and have done since I was a kid (like many millions of others) I feel a bit bad in that I don’t feel like writing everyday. I’m one of those who has writing spurts; I’ll write solidly enough for a month and then withdraw for a bit. I have to learn to write a bit every day, which is hard. It’s not so much fear of lacking inspiration but waiting too much for the right time, when there is none. I won’t write something better tomorrow and not today, I just have to learn to gouge away.

Regardless, I think I’m becoming a much better writer (but you won’t tell from my blog where I drop my guard a bit. I save pro mode for my fiction) and enjoy the course. I have no worry about being published or famous, I’m writing for myself, and that’s the important thing to not contaminate my art. I may be taking a course, but I believe I took it to beef up my passable skills than to become Jeffrey Archer or whatever.

Did I say Jeffrey Archer? Oh well, there’s no harm in that. If I think people could love what I do I’ll worry about that after.

I’m supposed to write journal entries to myself about how I’m going in my course, but I give up now. I’m not as academically minded as I’d like to be. It’s just going nice still that’s all.