The Prodigy returns?

I’m not a big Prodigy fan – in fact I don’t own anything by them – but this post might be of comfort to long suffering fans waiting for an album since ’04.  I realise this post borders on tabloid goss, but er, so what.

I have no idea how significant this is but I saw Keef and Liam emerge from a car in front of a top music studio local to me.
Keef was looking rather dapper and had a purple trilby type hat while Liam looked like he was in tracksuit bottoms. Keef called out for a “Johnny B” carrying a guitar down the street, wondering what he was doing there.
I walked past Keef, barely avoiding physical contact with the punkin’ instigator while Liam I think acknowledged my unfamous self for a second. I had a good mind to obtain signatures for eBay or tell that I know a good drummer…Dave Lombardo of Slayer for instance.

So. What I’m saying is I saw 2 members of The Prodigy outside a local studio. Their site which seems revamped reports a couple of festival dates this year, and so it’s likely that these guys (didn’t see Maxim. Sure didn’t see Leeroy) are cooking up some tasty meat balls for those into them.

Me? Well, I’d rather have bumped into Depeche Mode. Who I missed when they recorded in the same studio at the beginning of the decade.

I promise not to echo the 3am girls again. And if you Prodiguys somehow read this, sorry for opening my then closed mouth.


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