Penultimate LC

If you don’t know what LC means (at least, what it means to me) don’t bother reading further as you’ll have to have largely followed me from older blogger services – it’s unlikely I have a stable overall blog readership. It is weird to deter people from reading what you’ve bothered to do, but er…what the hey. Just understand this may not make sense to you as it’s a public airing of something semi-personal.

I have finished my penultimate novel writing assignment. At the rate I’m going I’ll have finished the course that could’ve been done in 12 months, in 2yrs and 6 months this September (I got lazy with there being a 3yr deadline), and I still might be 28, or just turned 29.
I’m hoping this is my best assignment yet. The most I got is an A- so far, but let’s be honest a bad grade is a useful grade as it makes me strive harder. I’ve not gotten lower than a B, which I hope is good rather than down to tutor sympathy.
I hope to then complete the rest of my novel (will be 40,000 words when I’m done with the course, so half way of average length) through the rest of the year to next Summer and then do something with it.

For the first time, late in the course, I was also able to read books (that is other authors’ fiction) while I wrote my assignment. I’d worried that somehow other people’s work would contaminate what I’m doing in ideas and authorial style – however this is actually impossible, at least for me, as I do learn from authors but learn to mould things so that they’re pretty much me. At least I think they’re me as I don’t feel I’m ripping anyone off. I wouldn’t bother ripping anyone off. I want to write a piece of work I’m proud of, with no guilt.

The two books I read were promo copies. The first was Rivka Galchen’s ‘Atmospheric Disturbances’ which was a lesson on what to avoid as a writer although it wasn’t terrible, and Mary Ann Shaffer’s ‘The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society’ which was an example of hitting a home run in a basic way. I also deserve congrats for not reading my fave authors, who though ethnically diverse, have always been male. The ladies are helping me out and I thank them. Even my tutor is female. The fact I can so clearly discern a good or bad book, with reasons exactly why has made me feel high-brow!

Moving out of the LC post. My blog entry on vitamin D has been phenomenally successful by my account stats. This is not because I’m a genius, but a) The Vitamin D Council boosted hits by linking to it, b) this in turn is leading it into a high enough place in Google, c) what I’m talking about is being talked about by many anyway; I’m just somewhere in the zeitgeist. I’d like to think of myself as part of the small British arm in all this.

A couple of random things now. How disappointing is learning of a 3rd ‘The Unforgiven’ on the forthcoming Metallica album ‘Death Magnetic’. Still, I’m interested to see what a once good band might do. Also, is John Lydon racist? All I can say is, I hope not. It’s hard to believe.

Anyway; It’s been a long time since I wrote here – as a new post, that is – and I can’t promise when I will do again. But I will do. Thanks for stopping by. Or not if only I read this (I’d store this in a text file for myself but I like putting it into the open, just because…I don’t know).