Final LC

It’s over.

I’ve finished my course. Well, it’s finished once I get my marking and act accordingly. But the novel is only 50% done.

The rest I’ll be doing without anyone holding my hand…

It’s slightly daunting but I’ve been shown how to drive and I can think I can make it. Before I hit the big three-oh birthday next year.

I’ve really enjoyed the course, even though my rhythm on it was stuttered, and will miss working within the context of it. It served me well.

But ‘learning’ is never over in this field. And I dare to fail or dare to succeed. One of those for sure. And maybe just maybe I’ll still ‘LC post’ in another form as I progress.

For now though it’s a month break for me…Hey, I’ll be more focussed from November. I promise! (Definitely!!)