The vid that should not be

I recently acquired a Kodak Zi6 HD (basic 720p) video camcorder, which is not bad at all for a budget handheld camcorder.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in seeing what I look like (I have no idea why!) my friend and I recorded a cover of Metallica’s The Thing That Should Not Be from the classic 1986 album Master Of Puppets.
I realise the net. doesn’t need yet another home-brew cover of one of their songs, but…oh well, whatever.

I have to explain a few things first. 1) I’m wearing sunglasses not because of ego, but because the window ahead of me was bright. 2) The sound quality isn’t ultra hot and remember I’m playing a portable electronic kit to a mono mic so you will hear ‘rubber’, same goes for the guitar which sounds more bassy, but it’s still a nice garagey video – but in a living room. Also, I take no responsibility for you laughing at how the singer gets into it in in the end. Don’t laugh at me though (please).

M.A, D.P

L-R: M.A, D.P

The video (right or control click to download) is a 30mb iPod friendly MP4 and is about 6 and a half minutes. Enjoy it. But don’t think this as truly representative of what we’re going to put out. We recorded this just as a fun test.


One Comment

  1. Hey, my favorite Metallica album. Nice surprise! 🙂

    A bit faster than the original, but you guys play really well and clearly enjoy what you’re doing. I love the evil cackling, quite in character.

    Mo: I wondered if you’d have a look at this one. 🙂 I think we played fast just to keep warm. Cheers for the comment!


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