Stay Tuned

2008 is getting ready to go in it’s coffin and I’m here sending keypresses to my blog account for the final time (this year).

First of all Merry <insert preffered holiday of choice here> & Happy New Year to all people who’ve spent time reading what I’ve written – because that does of course make it worth while – and to anyone who’s left a comment or emailed me. I consider at least a couple of people friends just from brief communication – and you know who you are.

I’m really just babbling to say that three ‘exciting’ things I will have next year are things I kind of hinted at this year (which makes them half exciting then, perhaps?).
a) a resolution to my vitamin D investigation. This is actually a long time coming, partly out of keeping busy and there are many new reports (and unearthed old ones) that prove my point anyway which has kind of made me feel redundant (thankfully), but only in the proof rather than campaigning sense. On the campaigning sense I have no idea what to do. I wrote to some MP’s which didn’t do anything.
But I do aim to finish it because I do seem to have magnetised interest because I’m reporting it as me, not as a professionally presented series of statistics, which though hold more weight aren’t as connecting to people. I hope that doesn’t sound ego filled.

b) As you may know I finished a novel writing course early this year (and I did take the maximum time on it) and have been working on a project for sometime which I expect will be all done by late Summer. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it immediately what with a general downturn in the publishing sector and financial problems in the world, but I will be sharing what I’m doing in some way then. I first and foremost did this for fun (as with most things) so I’m not going to be broken hearted at failure. I’ll just try harder anyway.

c) As I write, a final original song is being wrapped up by my friend Mr. Power (unless he’s asleep as is often the case) so in January we’re going to pick what we think’s the best of the best and record a demo, finalise a name and then see how we can torment people starting in small places with it.

And that’s it, I guess. And of course there’ll be rambles here and there in between of nothing in particular.


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