No fooling

My April Fools’ sensor was working just fine yesterday, however there were a few good ones on the web I willingly walked into.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in – in the spirit of journalling for my novel – to say that after editing my current block of writing this month, I now only have approx. 10,000 words to write (*cheers for the sloth!*).
My course encouraged me to write constructive things but on this occasion I’ll just say whew!

Not because I dislike what I’m producing, but I’ve had this baby in my belly for so long that I want to see it than just feel it kick.
But I still need the Summer to do overall editing, and say August/September to have it sales ready with promo material for the web (check that flash talk).

In others news, my six stringed friend and I are on the way to finishing sketchy rough demos (just for our own listening, and believe me, that’s fortunate for cyberspace), so by April end we will be working on our demo proper and all that. I also need to purchase some gear which I’ve long put off.

I heard the leak of the new Depeche Mode album…All I can say is those thirteen tracks need to get off the beta blockers and onto the treadmill. However, I’m looking forward to seeing them live before year end, and this time (which will be my second time) away from home turf.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah. I have come to the conclusion that Twitter is pointless for me, but I’ll keep my account active to share interesting links and info, as well as mandatory Twitter user nonsense (like “I have nothing better to do so I’m wasting 140 characters here.”).
Some respected, or not so respected celebrities, are better not read on Twitter as they don’t half talk crap.

I know that in net tribes(?) that I’m blogosapien than socionetpath (take that Collings English!) so there’s no point in me trying to evolve.

I regards to other active blog topics – the vitamin D thing is still alive, just in hibernation.
Also, though I’m not personally familiar with HIV/AIDS, the arguments and articles I’ve read have magnetised me to the skeptic/rethinker side (I don’t like the word denialist as that implies mainstream thought on it is concrete). I came across this topic, unsurprisingly by looking to see if there was any useful data on HIV/AIDS and cholecalciferol…I’m not sure if there was as I got sidetracked.
I like to think of myself as rational when adopting alternative opinions. I don’t jump in without trying to prove myself wrong. I never try to prove myself right when in doubt.

However, I can’t offer any comments in regards to my backing of this thought as I have adopted it rather than extensively looked into it (unlike vitamin D/the lipid hypothesis).

Anyway, it’s now nearly 11:15pm and I need to sleep. It’ll likely be a little while before I post anything again, which is just as well as it’s older entries that are still getting the hits (typical!)…Maybe I should remove them and riddle them with ads that make me money? 😀