Notting Hill Carnival 2009

I went out to the local carnival today. I haven’t enjoyed the event for years and often don’t bother (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it ain’t as good as it used to be) but I will commend the policing this year, the better monitored sound system volumes and general organisation.

I only went out for half an hour early in the afternoon. That was more than enough.
I took my pocket camcorder along and filmed a semi-square route around my area. The camera work is shoddy as naturally I had to keep moving or get trodden on but I think it lets a non-attendee know what to experience (sans the food) – just wandering aimlessly around sound system and floats.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy is the smell of urine (as ever) to the communal entrance of where I live. Fortunately there seems to be no signifcant amount of rubbish in my garden this time, and even more mercifully I don’t have to take a bucket of water outside to get rid of vomit.
Yes, the residents will show you that there are inconsiderate people around.

I don’t like it much, but I won’t be a killjoy this year and say it was ‘alright’. Here’s the vid.


Musical hiatus

Just thought I’d to check in to say ‘don’t expect more music too soon’. The reason for this is simply because there have been problems.
We have actually made three recordings, but my cohort and I just aren’t satisfied with it. And he knows it’s his fault.
Until he addresses it, I think it’s time to shove it in the fridge. I called time.

Otherwise though, I’m still continuing with writing work (or just editing now). I’m hoping to have a promo short story started in September and put here by the end of that month.

In October I’ll be away for roughly 2-4 weeks for leisure far away (albeit in accordance with malaria medication!) and to sort out something to set me financially. I will however be taking my netbook along and will likely blog about things that have shocked and/or pleasantly surprised me. More info closer to the time.

I’m hoping to very shortly start a dedicated vitamin D blog (de ja vu promise?) as I actually seem to miss writing something seeing as I’ve done it for 2.5yrs on a project.
I’m goaded on by the fact that I’ve recently had a brief email conversation with Dr. David Grimes (he had a powerful quote about statins and vitamin D) who has a book that came out in April this year, on what I’ve been yacking on about.
I’ve not read it, but I think the only thing he probably lacks is truly personal perspective. I want to talk less medical and more to the point.

That’s it for the time being.


160k MP3 [right/control click to download]

Creative Commons License
Subversion by D.P/M.A, artwork S.G. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

So, here it is – without much fuss. The first track by my band, or to be correct, duo. I’m leaving the artist name stay within the mp3 tags before I register it, out of small paranoia.
I’ll bother with that, a social networking profile and other stuff at a later date.

I must add that this song has rough edges, mostly timing wise (not my fault as the drums, unusually, were recorded after the guitar and the guitarist has problems with rhythm).
This is due to the vocalist/guitarist not wanting to repeat his parts at this time and I’m not stressed to push it at this time. If you can overlook those issues we think you’ll enjoy it if you’re into this kind of music.

I don’t want to tell you what kind of music it is, because I think it’s best to not be judgemental on a genre, but a clue is that it’s a guitar based song, obviously.
There are lyrics within the file if your player supports it.

Any comments are appreciated – good or bad.

I would recommend putting some EQ on it to appreciate it fully, although I seem to do that with most songs of even other artists on my MP3 player.


One Day Goodbye Became Farewell

It’s August.

I know it’s August, because well, that’s what it says on my The Simpsons calendar (I’ve been buying their fun calendars for over a decade now) and I also got a leaflet this morning informing me about the Notting Hill Carnival which rolls in – a bit tiredly for some time now – every August end.

I think this my might be a long post, we’ll see.

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell‘ (a Morrissey title – I’m not a big fan but I can very much see the humour of a National Front Disco) seems a fitting title (modified) as it sums up two or three things that are arising or have arisen on this colourful August.

The first is that after ten years in a relationship which had it’s limitations but also greatness, it’s all just popped like a balloon. I didn’t see this coming, maybe because I’m emotionally blind, or I have not wanted to accept such a scenario, which has become as familiar to my friends, happen to me. I have vented about it, in fact even tweeted about it somewhat, but in reality what happened to me is as boring to retell as it is to see in a soap opera. But I’ll have to get by and the little optimist in me is saying “give it time.” I just hope it’s not a lot of time.

But not all farewells are sad.

I’m just two thousand words from completing my novel which I started in 2007, launched from a novel writing course I started in 2006.
It’s still not entirely finished as at least 30-40% of the early part of the story needs fair rework as it was done prior to finishing my course and learning appropriate structures and devices; but the latter half will just need a read through most likely, so I’m hoping – depending on the speed of my approach – that I will have everything, or most things, wrapped up by year end. I was accurate in predicting that I would finish writing this before I hit 30, so hopefully this prediction will be right too.
And this might be the last of my journal entries on this project. Or maybe not; I’m not good at closing things.

The last thing is not so much as a goodbye or farewell, rather than a hello and welcome!

I think I’m only a week away from posting the first of a wad of songs (also started in 2007) after many frustrating moments with recording over the past few months (Mo cost included: A drum sampler [£150], a portable e-drum kit [about £1000] and a trigger finger pad [£60]).
There is still stuff to do, but seemingly not much. Also, even if it’s not a perfect outcome, we might revise this bit of music at a later date but neither me or D.P. want to keep this thing in the oven any longer. We plan to have three or four of our eleven tracks online, so once the first one’s done, the rest should flow out.

Last things to report are I’ve just ordered a copy of  ‘Science Sold Out: Does HIV Really Cause AIDS?’ by Rebecca Culshaw.
I’ve been fascinated by HIV/AIDS scepticism upon finding vitamin D articles occasionally road in, and have followed Henry Bauer’s blog on it.
I know the subject is controversial and it makes me seem a challenger to everything, but potentially anything without an answer after years deserves scrutiny and I think the arguments presented by some parties are very sound.

Very lastly, I’m looking forward to the imminent new Slayer album ‘World Painted Blood‘. I’ve heard two songs from it and they sound fine. It’s Slayer, you always get from them what you get from a can of baked beans; red covered goodness!
It mightn’t be the most cerebral music at times, but sometimes something to shake up your brain is all you need to get by.