Musical hiatus

Just thought I’d to check in to say ‘don’t expect more music too soon’. The reason for this is simply because there have been problems.
We have actually made three recordings, but my cohort and I just aren’t satisfied with it. And he knows it’s his fault.
Until he addresses it, I think it’s time to shove it in the fridge. I called time.

Otherwise though, I’m still continuing with writing work (or just editing now). I’m hoping to have a promo short story started in September and put here by the end of that month.

In October I’ll be away for roughly 2-4 weeks for leisure far away (albeit in accordance with malaria medication!) and to sort out something to set me financially. I will however be taking my netbook along and will likely blog about things that have shocked and/or pleasantly surprised me. More info closer to the time.

I’m hoping to very shortly start a dedicated vitamin D blog (de ja vu promise?) as I actually seem to miss writing something seeing as I’ve done it for 2.5yrs on a project.
I’m goaded on by the fact that I’ve recently had a brief email conversation with Dr. David Grimes (he had a powerful quote about statins and vitamin D) who has a book that came out in April this year, on what I’ve been yacking on about.
I’ve not read it, but I think the only thing he probably lacks is truly personal perspective. I want to talk less medical and more to the point.

That’s it for the time being.


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