Notting Hill Carnival 2009

I went out to the local carnival today. I haven’t enjoyed the event for years and often don’t bother (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it ain’t as good as it used to be) but I will commend the policing this year, the better monitored sound system volumes and general organisation.

I only went out for half an hour early in the afternoon. That was more than enough.
I took my pocket camcorder along and filmed a semi-square route around my area. The camera work is shoddy as naturally I had to keep moving or get trodden on but I think it lets a non-attendee know what to experience (sans the food) – just wandering aimlessly around sound system and floats.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy is the smell of urine (as ever) to the communal entrance of where I live. Fortunately there seems to be no signifcant amount of rubbish in my garden this time, and even more mercifully I don’t have to take a bucket of water outside to get rid of vomit.
Yes, the residents will show you that there are inconsiderate people around.

I don’t like it much, but I won’t be a killjoy this year and say it was ‘alright’. Here’s the vid.


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