One week from yesterday I’m going to turn 30.

That sounds like such a big deal but then I realise I’ll always be much younger than The Rolling Stones, who in turn will always be even more bigger kids at heart than me. And that makes me happy.

I’m going to write a few things here.

The first is that I have a couple of tracks online at a PureVolume profile. They sound a bit loose but they’re much better than our initial attempts and as they’re not tampered with too much they have that live punk rock feel. I’m hoping to add one or two more before the end of the month.
There’s also a nice suave picture of me in the photos section, taken using my new 10MP FujiFilm FinePix J22 (although it looks a bit blurry).
The J22 is the second digital camera I’ve ever owned, excluding ones on my mobiles. My first was in late ’98 or ’99 (among the first wave) which was also by FujiFilm (a MX1700 Zoom) and connected by serial port rather than the then upcoming USB (so it was very slow in transfer) and took SmartMedia cards.
Still, before the millennium it was magic to see photos appear on the LCD screen.

Yesterday I got given five (via two injections) travel jabs, so I’m now tooled up for a ‘business vacation’ in South Asia for about a month.
This will be my first time out of Europe ever and a rewind back to ancestral origins for me. I’m a bit daunted but also excited.

I’m also going to be abandoning my vitamin D posts for an indefinite period as after I get my vitamin D result there’s not really much for me to add. I’m not statistically significant as just one person. My aim was to show, not tell and let people make decisions based on what I present and whether or not they believe it. But I’m pleased with what I achieved and I do aim to channel this info into consolidated form sometime. When and in what way I will now no longer promise, particularly as my main writing priority is still my novel, which though ‘finished’ needs much work.

People can continue to contact me during October but I will most likely be emailing and posting here less than normal. But I am a bit of a net addict, so I don’t think I’ll be far from a computer and net connection if I can help it!

I’ve had a tough number of weeks (well, when I say tough, I look at others situations and realise that’s just too severe a word) on a personal level but my head is getting back into gear again. Which is good, as I’d only go nuts.

Before I forget…

I’ve seen on the local news reports about promising results of HIV infection reduction in a combined vaccine study. While I hope this is the case and what is known about HIV/AIDS is true, I have doubts. One thing the media hasn’t really put its jaws on is
“This result is tantalisingly encouraging. The numbers are small and the difference may have been due to chance, but this finding is the first positive news in the Aids vaccine field for a decade,” said Dr Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet medical journal.”

What we got was two vaccines that previously were useless and just somehow their use together yielded in 74 people not on the vaccine getting infected and 51 on the vaccine getting infected. While this can be calculated as roughly a third, 74 vs 51 still isn’t a contrast to get excited about.
A vaccine for AIDS was promised to be around the corner in the mid 80’s and it never materialised. In it’s thirty years of public knowledge it’s remained as an elusive disease which might just be mired in lots of politics.

You could argue similarly about my vitamin D intake and my results. However, there are many studies and plain logic to back up the D/cholesterol theory, and the bone effects on D are undisputed. The HIV/AIDS story has lots of black holes in it.



  1. > One week from yesterday I’m going to turn 30.

    Ok, it’s time to change your field of research from vitamin d to anti-aging! 😉

    I’m having a hard time staying awake, will check out the music soon.


  2. Oh no, that would be too much of a losing battle I think, lol. At least vitamin D seems to help with not falling apart before your time.

    The music’s not bad. I have to admit I’m not taking it too seriously; it’s just something to keep me occupied but it sounds justs like good straight forward rock to me.


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