Innocent Abroad

It’s 12:34 AM on October 4 2009 and I’m two days away from heading to Heathrow to go far, far away from here.

This is possibly my last post for a little while, or maybe not (definitely from here anyway).  So I’m saying goodbye but not for forever.
I’ve found out I can get broadband in the hotel, although you’d think I’d fret more about sightseeing…And WiFi(?)

My subject is a title of a song I got from the solo album of an ex-drummer of a famous band from the 80’s. A kind of early childhood hero in fact. He’s even signed and sent copies of his first (or sort of second) album to all purchasers, so even though I expected it, it was nice to get a very personalised copy of the album.

It’s a decent album. I’d reserve it for more relaxing occasions but it’s certainly well crafted in rhythm (majorly so) and melody. And I think the title in my subject will be the song for when I touch down in Lahore then Islamabad.

My local pharmacist – another Brit Asian, of course – told me that I can expect to be shocked at how European the place is. And perhaps not just due to the UK style power sockets but for for the buildings and amenities (many American contracted), which means I can also taste local cuisine like…Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I’m slightly nervous about going but also excited. Not because of news associations with the Taliban or the War On Terror etc (the modern cities there are very progressive and of course the country was never meant to be an Islamic republic but became so during the successive reign of dictators), but because I’m an Englishman through and through, so I don’t know how to behave, I think.
Of course people don’t see me as an Englishman in the Hugh Grant sense, but then they shouldn’t because that’s just an illusion you see in souvenir shops. I’m just saying, because my Newcastle based cousins got made fun of when they first went.  But that was years ago.

Anyhow, I have no idea what the plot of this post is. Time for bed. I shall return, but not too soon (or, I might).


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