Perhaps Dishonesty is an apt name for a music project I’m in because it seems my last post before flying isn’t actually.
This certainly will be as there won’t be time tomorrow.

This post really is just to vaguely promote that page as I’ve paid a bit of money to make it a pro profile for a little while so we can host all six of our demo tracks.

Since the profile was first made, earlier tracks have been re-uploaded with their levels tweaked a bit. However, there is a small disparity between the volume levels so you will need to fiddle with the volume dial. I’m also ashamed to say that the waveforms are brickwalled but they however don’t feature unwanted levels of distortion, at least to my worn out ears.

The six tracks were completed over six weeks, which was a short amount of time but they seem decent. The actual sounds are good and I can only excuse the allowable bits of sloppiness as adding to a live feel. I can’t say that we’re 100% proud of this but we think it’s better than a lot of well made stuff we hear even if I do say so myself.

All tracks are free to stream and download. It’s the only way to compete and my musical partner agrees it’s better a lot of people can hear and keep our tracks than having a few friends generate £5 for us and not getting it across further.

We haven’t really done a lot of promoting of this, so if you like it send us a comment good or bad and pass the link on.
When I return, we plan to start considering live shows and perhaps recording the 5 remaining songs of our album’s worth.

So I’m leaving you with this before I leave.

And vitamin D fans – unless I get my vitamin D result tomorrow it won’t be up for a while unless my local hospital generously email the figure. But anyway, I’m sure it’s more than 76nmol/L and that’s fine.

During October, novel editing will be what keeps me busy when not doing other things.


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