Back where the Poundland is

As you might’ve guessed I’m back home in strangely mild (but initially cold) London. I came back a fortnight ago.
Though I enjoyed myself in the latter half of my stay, I was happy to see a black cab again (which took me home) and big red buses.

Why am I writing today? Well, just a few things. First of all, to those biting their nails about my vitamin D result (I like to think people have nothing better to do :)), I’m still waiting on that. The result was delivered to my GP but not to me. I aim to get and post it on the relevant part 2 post next week.

I also noticed recently that the site in Portobello road that used to be a Woolies (Woolworths, if you want to be formal), and then briefly the shoddy ‘Bello Market’ (replete with cloth banner sign in a tacky fuzzy font) is now a Poundland.
I have no idea why this excited me (I admit it did to a fair degree), but when I walked in I became further glad it took over ‘Bello Market’ as it kind of resumes where the old Woolies finished by stocking many similar items, some different, and all for just one golden coin. So, yeah woo Poundland!

Now, to rescue my credibility, I’m going to share a brief review of  DSCF0152Live At The (HMV) Apollo last night with two friends. It was free gig of 2 recorded-for-TV shows that are to be televised on the BBC and Dave. It was the first time I’d been to the venue, which was nice and comfy (had a regal red theme that reminded me of the Royal Albert Hall) save for a big glaring light between performances.

And it was my first comedy gig. The show featured an on-form Al Murray as the Pub Landlord introducing the first two acts. The first one I thought was a bit funny, but didn’t hold my attention that well (and I haven’t registered his name – sorry, mate). The second was Tim Vine whose jokes bordered on cheesy but were so rapid fire that he really did win me over.
The next show after an interval featured a different host and then Michael McIntyre who just stole the night with all his material, voice and moves.

Some celebs were there too: The footballer Lee Dixon (who got loads of boos), Esther Rantzen and The Hamiltons (“cash for questions” Neil and his wife Christine).

Also, though I needed the toilet once myself, I noticed two mass exoduses of rows (to quote my friend) for either the toilets or the bar – which looked and sounded strange all at once (the clacking of chairs etc.).

I’d like to see more comedy events in future, so I’m glad I broke the ice there. One day I’ll see Harry Hill as I love his TV Burp. It’s perhaps the only thing on TV I will watch other than the news.

I’ll leave you with one Tim Vine joke I can remember off-hand (hope he doesn’t mind this?):
“I saw a sign saying
‘hairdressing for men’ (as it’s spoken). Inside I saw a rabbit (hare) trying on clothes saying ‘do I look good in this?’ and the men nodding and saying yes.”

Oh, and one last thing. Anyone who was offered the music software Sonar LE 8.5 was initially asked to pay between, it seems $10-30, depending on their location. But it was found out the software was meant to be free, which explained ordering problems for many.
Before I found this out before an email from them as after a futile order attempt I noticed Cakewalk’s e-store having links for it from 0, $2 or $10…Very strange.
But hey, I love the software they make and will forgive this booboo – but will point it out, as I have!


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