Seasons Greetings & A Vitamin D Forum

I know it’s early but my scant blogging habits (opposed to my needless tweeting) means I’m better off greeting people now while I’ve taken the time to sit down and write.

Anyway, let’s see (I always write this – must change)…

The first thing is as well as continuing laborious editing work on my novel I’ve recently started a few handwritten brainstorms on a book about vitamin D; I have a title, chapter names and a list of what I should be squeezing into them.
I had planned to do a dedicated blog on the subject but I’ve concluded that what I’ve written in my two related blog posts would only really be repeated in detail, making it not an eye opening read.
That’s not to say I may not regardless decide to create a dedicated blog in the near future but since my goal is now focussed on promotion than investigation, I feel another book on vitamin D would be very helpful. So, unlike past promises I am actually now following up my posts in some way.
This would be my second writing project and first non-fiction one.

I’m not a published author but that should not be a reason to not try. Not only will creating a book encourage me to juggle with two writing projects of different kinds, but it will keep my writing streak running.

Though I’m not a medical professional there’s nothing stopping me from sharing my theories (and expanded thinking on existing theories) and personal perspective. Though a Dr. title would help before my name it need not be a major disability. I have after all had the blessing of my words – indirectly – by Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Dr. John Cannell and Dr. David Grimes.
Whether I can publish it or not doesn’t really matter until I complete it. If not, the contents could easily be serialised freely on a dedicated blog, and even if I can sell it, some material could be shared as a sample.

Part of me finds it very bold to envision, but I’ve learnt from recent events that if I don’t think bold I will never even attempt bold.

In the meantime though, since I can’t find a single vitamin D only message board I thought I’d create one. I’ll add this to my two relevant posts soon, but maybe this can be a definitive one?

Okay, let’s move away from vitamin D.

Like most people I’m pretty bad with New Year’s Resolutions but regardless they’re fun to think of and can provide goals that you might be lucky enough to see through. I might’ve succeeded in my 2009 resolutions without me knowing as I can’t remember them!
I’m not going to create a long list as so much is hard to manage.

1) Complete both my writing projects so that they can start being offered to agents by Summer.

2) Be more a planner than an opportunity waiter and vocalise thoughts more. (I recently had an event I’d call as perhaps a brief rehab style character assessment that triggered this, and I realise my laid back attitude and lack of interest in being a big talker has been detrimental in different ways to different people)
3) Finish the remainder recordings of songs in my music project by February and aim to start playing gigs by Summer. Part of the onus is down to my partner learning lyrics and finishing writing his entirely own portion of songs.

I think three is enough…I’ll try and come back to this post next year and see how I did.

So, the only thing left to say is Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all who’ve ever read, followed and made contact with me. Please keep coming. I like the attention!


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