Status report

I haven’t talked about writing projects here for a while, probably because I’ve been more aware of writing posts of more general appeal recently, but it’s time to get selfish again.

I’m still editing my novel. The last 10,000 words have been very hard to polish and even when that’s done there will be an overall comb through. I’ve properly been working on it since early 2007, so it’s been ages. It shows at least I have the commitment to see a project through.

Another factor that has slowed down novel progress is getting started on a book about vitamin D. I’ve finished four draft chapters and a book proposal. The proposal has already been shopped to some publishers with no success, but other replies are still pending and there’s many other publishers to try. I have not even tried agents yet but will from next week.
I’ve also firmly decided I’m only going to produce a dedicated vitamin D blog until I’ve finished (not necessarily published) the book. The reason why is because I want to use them to promote each other, and because I don’t know what else might enter the book I don’t want to risk putting salable material online. It is true I would like to make money from it, but even more than that I really want to have a product that I can use in the war against vitamin D deficiency.
The next time I will have a result to share concerning vitamin D and cholesterol will be sometime in October, so if you’re a regular checker of those posts here (and I know there are many) I wouldn’t hold your breath for some time. There are others who have noticed lower cholesterol on vitamin D though (albeit anecdotal); look at the reader comments on a recent article here.

A good friend of mine was hospitalized not long before my last blog post. I’m not going to reveal full details here  as that might come off crass, but the event was a bit of a blow and seriously altered my mood. The person is still there but I’m confident they will recover fully in time. It will take a fair bit of time though. The concern is nothing to do with vitamin D, if you were wondering.

A number of people have been asking my parter in Dishonesty about when we’re going to put new music up (which is flattering, of course)! The answer is, I don’t know. He takes the project a little more seriously than myself and at the moment I’m not that interested in playing music at all. I still do it once a week as it’s good fun just belting stuff out but I yawn at any other activity to do with it. But like my novel, it is not an abandoned project.