Today, Joan Shenton of the Immunity Resource Foundation kindly agreed to meet with me for an hour at her home office. I was able to instil a seed about vitamin D in her. Call it neuroconversion, if you will.

Joan Shenton is the author of the out-of-print book Positively False which is one of many titles that questions the theory that HIV cause AIDS.
As I mentioned in my last post she has produced and presented a number of investigative health programs for Thames Television, Sky News, Channel 4 (UK channels) amongst others. Much of these have been related to the HIV story, but prior to this she has produced a number of documentaries on the cholesterol hypothesis.

The IRF website currently only hosts Meditel (her production company) videos relating to HIV, but because its aims are broader, the cholesterol documentaries should appear shortly. These will be of great value as they certainly would be some of the earliest video critiques of the theory and may still be relevant today.

Much of the dialogue between Ms. Shenton and I went beyond HIV (particularly because I have never had a reason to have a HIV test) and cholesterol, into the realm of – you guessed it – vitamin D deficiency overall.
She did not seem that familiar with the pandemic, so the meeting where I assumed I would do most of the asking throughout flipped half way. I’m unlikely to have spurred her to go out and make a documentary but I’m certainly happy that I shared such information with her, and of course her address book of influential contacts could help to spread awareness a little further.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous before meeting her – contrary to how I write, I’m not really garrulous off line – but as soon as we shook hands I felt eased and we both seemed to have benefited from the meet. Not least because  she’d suggested to me some helpful contacts for my book, but because we essentially have become friends who will keep in contact. I have become affiliated with the IRF now.

What I mainly took  from Ms. Shenton though will contribute in a minute part to the HIV chapter in my book. Much of what we discussed I had already researched (to her delight), but even though I wasn’t there long I had taken a good sample of the human side to scepticism of any form. The fact that she had witnessed the death of good friends – those on drugs and those without.
It’s important to note that HIV sceptics/denialists (choose your favourite word) do not believe people are not dying, nor that those who test HIV+ are necessarily healthy – what we dispute is that it is a virus as opposed to a consequence of lifestyle factors, as seen in Joan’s videos.

Though I like the safety of mass opinion, sometimes you can’t go along with it, so knowing that Joan lives in my area and I got to meet with her took a burden off my mind. I do not really talk too much about these subjects with friends and family as they are potential conversation killers. But as long as I think these things to be true, I cannot keep these idea viruses just in my head. They have to infect others.


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