Musicless Lyrics

In the last half an hour I’ve been looking through folders on my computer containing lyrics to songs that mostly never had music put to them. I could be less awkward and call them poems, but they were designed to be components of songs.
In virtually all the (few) bands I’ve been in, the work flow is usually based around words first or appearing concurrently with riffs to dictate arrangements. This was probably because I used to be prolific and people I worked with came then came accustomed to not working without some form of lyrics from me early on in songwriting.
I don’t consider myself a great lyricist as I find it much easier to express myself in more words than few, but I’m better than people I’ve been with. I often immediately dislike most lyrics I create but they do (or did) help to  serve plucking certain thoughts out of my head, on to paper where they then evaporate. Or get sung.

When I was looking through the folders I was thinking of creating a free e-book of these mostly musicless lyrics and putting them up here, if anyone might be interested. But on reading dozens of them, I found them awful (and you know that has to be true as I don’t even excise great quality control on this blog at times – there’s a level of awful that I just can’t share).
I used to write lots of lyrics but as time passed I found there wasn’t as much I could say or only repeat things I’d expressed before. I wrote reams between 97-99, slowed down in the subsequent decade and have now ground to a halt; I have to be pushed to bother. I’m also not inspired by the lyricism around me of now, and the lyricism of older respected bands seems hard to attain or are products of their period.
I still like words though, in fact when I was much younger I was one of those kids who’d be happy with an A4 sheet of paper in class, plus a pencil and just write for the sake of it. And lots of it. I seem to have come back full circle now as I’ve written tens of thousands of words in the last 3-4yrs for 2 projects. My poetic phase was probably when I was just lazy to write too much.

As is sometimes the case here, I end this post with no clue of the point to make. But, maybe one day when I’m in love with short form verse again I’ll make a compilation of stuff and toss it in this digital well.
The work I’m doing with my band (duo) has very much ground down slowly. Though I will always like music I’m considering in perhaps a year or two to not bother with music making (apart from spontaneously, when in the mood) as I don’t seem to be that inspired or care about it now – but I still like hearing my favourite acts, and some new ones.

I’ll keep on emptying my head here though – whatever I do.



  1. Just don’t throw them away! You never know if they’ll come in handy when you have writer’s block.

    Your post reminded me that I’ve written three horrible song texts, in a remote past. One seems to have disappeared (deleted?) the other two I’m really ashamed of, but reading them brings me back to where I was back then. I like that, I’m a nostalgic person.

    At least you have some musical talent. 🙂


    1. I definitely don’t think I will. 🙂 They’re one of the things I always make sure to transfer when I move to a new computer (very few are hand written).

      Any form of verse though is probably better than a plain diary as it’s maybe not so literal when you look back on it. I’m quite nostalgic too.


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