Those are the initials of the title settled on for my novel. I’m not revealing the whole thing yet because a neurotic part of me doesn’ t want to jynx it to interfere with its gestation.

And I like playing games.

It was only a fortnight ago that I actually finished the novel, but it’s not over yet as a 3rd of the book will need a fair amount of a revision, and then I’ll need to read over it all and do minor corrections – which at my pace of productivity may take another year – making the whole project grow in the womb for 3-4 years! Ouch.
The only thing I’ll say, as I may have said before, is I’m surprised but thrilled that I managed to carry a project for this long. Usually I get very bored (not that there hasn’t been moments) and abandon something, but here I haven’t.

My D book should also be finished by August and certainly be ready by the end of the year as that’s been going really smoothly since January 1.
Getting the interest of agents and publishers though has continued to be a battle, but I never thought it would be easy, and I’m not ready to wave a white flag yet. But in the event that it’s impossible to sell (but I’m not considering this following option for my novel which deserves nothing but mainstream attention if I can get it, due to how much brain and finger power I’ve given it) I may sell it via self-publishing print-on-demand service Lulu. This would be reneging on my promise to make what I write for free upon (possible) failure, but I feel it’s allowable as it would allow me to produce a tangible book that you can buy and share from hand to hand without abusing your printer.
I’d also be able to give a portion of profits to The Vitamin D Council, who need the money – but I’m not sure if they would be comfortable with support from a book that supports HIV/AIDS rethinking in tandem.

Selling fiction on Lulu would probably be very hard and is a sign that you probably are not worthy as anyone can publish on Lulu, but for my D book I know that I have an audience and the controversial aspects of it make Lulu not something to ignore.
I would however need to be damn good at marketing it myself (which is not infeasible) and making it attractive by getting an artist, and also ensuring that despite being on an unfiltered platform, that my facts are all right and presented professionally.

For the time being I will probably continue to keep parroting on about these two projects, but then I think they will be my most interesting contributions ever when done.

…Oh yeah, I’m also recording some more music – albeit still slowly – so I may have an album’s worth to share altogether on my/our PureVolume page soon enough.



  1. Reverse Cowgirl? Radio Controlled? Resveratrol Caps? Really Clever? Rock Chicks? Rebel composer… composing a soundtrack to it?

    Slayter dude!


    1. Reverse Cowgirl…Now that’s fun! 😀 …I think I should go for ‘Really Clever’ as that’s the height of ego – especially if I make it like The Who’s Quadrophenia lol.

      Hope you’re well.


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