The Vitamin D Book

It is done!

Almost…I’ve finished writing all of it, but I’ll need to tidy it up by checking for typos, my references and any duplication. To put it better – editing.

I started the project on Jan 1 this year with a stepsheet and on early Jul 31 I finished it. I actually don’t know where the 7 months went as they defined my 2010 so far, and it’s still not over!
The book (which won’t be called ‘The Vitamin D Book‘ although that is such a ludicrously simple and good, untaken title…) is shorter than I imagined it to be. My proposal predicted 75,000 words but I have ended up with just a little over 40,000 (which narrowly qualifies it as suitable for non-fiction). 8,000 of these define 285 open-access references, and I think it’ll be useful to have an index to help people dive in quick to parts of major interest.
This means it should roughly be a 200 page slim paperback; something you could read in a week or a fortnight, like Camus’ The Outsider; probably. It’s just as well I haven’t been able to sell the book yet – although I took a month away from trying – as I just could not conjour up the missing 35,000. As I realised this in approaching the final chapters I found  it was no bad thing as it gets to the point but but still does not leave anything out. I think it’s a very valid book on the subject and it has a couple of eyebrow raising viewpoints that are not in any other vit D book (that I know of); not for controversy, but because I believe they make brilliant cases. Some people will know what I’m talking about. I hope they generate debate anyway.
I’m a good guy at heart and will be a troublemaker for what I believe is fair.

With the approaching release of the new-generation Kindle, growing self-publishing services of high quality and publisher/agent ennui, I’m highly tempted to release it on Amazon’s CreateSpace. But I’ve still a large number of tradtional contacts to annoy and I would really like it to benefit from some kind of mainstream backing, so I am absolutely not giving up yet. The rejection emails and written letters can keep on piling. It didn’t harm Rebecca Skloot to be thick skinned!
I would like my project to be sold in some form by December, but that’s still an arbritrary estimate. I’m quite sure the actual project will be sellable by then though. Because some of the things I’ve written are time sensitive, I want this out sooner than later, so it’s not going to languish for years like my novel has (and is).
Maybe I’m also a bit egotistical but I think my views could help people from now, and I’m not saying this to appear humble, but an opportunity to make a bit of money really is secondary; honestly. I did this mainly to get this topic out of my system (I admit to everyone it has obsessed me).
To bump up the word count a tad and add value, I’m pondering about getting interviews from ‘famous’ people I have conversed with on the topic, though I would need to create some good questions.

If I do self-publish, I’ve decided the model I’m going to follow is that of Henry Bauer’s for his HIV/AIDS book: by having a book that you buy, in physical or electronic form and keeping people interested by blogging regularly about new research and insights that weren’t around when the book was written. Commentary from readers can also make the project feel yours as well as mine.

I will almost certainly make the cholesterol chapter free as people have already read my view about it and it’s just in a tidier, consolidated form than the lengthy mess I wrote a few years ago. I would also need the benefit of an artist for the jacket, if on my lonesome, as my artistic skills are rudimentary. I’m just really happy with this project so far, and in whatever way it’s out I’m going to make sure that it has an impact. So, if any of you were wondering if I was doing anything on this topic – I did. And am.

In October, I’m also hoping to get another round of blood results, which can easily be slipped into into the book.

As for my novel, that monster is still being groomed. I just do not know when that will be finished yet, so I haven’t even thought about selling. What I know is that that will need some pruning as it’s pretty long (around 100,000 words), which is too much time to invest in a book from an unknown; in my opinion anyway.

That’s all for now.



  1. That title sounds excellent. I wonder what the real title is going to be like!

    Congrats on persisting. To rephrase a heading on this page: Mo delivers!


    1. ‘The Vitamin D Book’ was one of your suggestions…I haven’t totally discounted it yet. 🙂

      I think more cheesy catchphrases will help me too lol.


  2. Congratulations on finishing the book !

    If you are based in the UK I would like to talk with you about Vitamin D in the UK.

    I am bidding for an NHS-funded “Observational Study” of Vitamin D Best Practice in North & West London

    Please email me on [details removed to protect commenter privacy]




    1. Hi Rufus,

      Thank you for the comment.
      I am indeed based in the UK, and getting the NHS to seriously look at vitamin D would be fabulous.
      You can mail me back directly at




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