Vitamin D Research Project

I’m not sure if I should be blogging about this but I’m going to keep this as vague as possible anyway, if only for brevity.

Yesterday I attended a local workshop which aimed to make applications for research projects as tantalising as possible, and of course the project that I’m happy to contribute to is based on a simple cause and effect relationship of one disease via vitamin D. Multiple investigations are not allowed, but if the project is chosen and has a successful outcome it may lead on to follow-up projects.

One thing ‘the project leader’ said that I agree with is that the issue now with vitamin D isn’t so much a lack of studies but a lack of action. The beautiful thing about a study within the NHS is that the result is meant to influence clinical practice rather than simply reside in PubMed hell. This in turn may be a start to swaying governmental policy, which is the ultimate goal.

Though I found the workshop engaging enough (though there is a limit to how long someone can tolerate Powerpoint projections), I have to admit that not everything has sunken in. I don’t know what exactly I would be doing, and even if the application successfully manages to make the grade.

What has upped the chances though is that there were two other teams present who wanted to look into diabetes and fracture management, which are two of many things that overlap with vitamin D, so a possible merger would not only be in our interests but theirs also. I thought – respectfully – that two other projects aimed at shifting bureaucracy weren’t useful candidates, but that’s just my opinion.

There’s no guarantee that the research project has enough of the variables to make a successful application, so there’s no reason to get excited yet, but it’s worth a try if nothing else.

On a related note, I haven’t begun tidying up my vitamin D manuscript as I plan to do that after I conduct four interviews as bonus content. Questions aren’t appearing out of thin air unfortunately, but they are slowly building up. I’m happy to say that all the four people who I asked to interview have all agreed, and their responses should all help in adding weight to certain chapters.

I’m probably not going to blog about vitamin D for a little bit now (save for my next blood tests) as my sole goal is to get this book out (and it looks almost certain I’ll be using print-on-demand) and starting a dedicated blog. My self-imposed deadline is January and I think I can meet that.