Anjaana Anjaani = Great DJ

First things first. I’m not a fan of Bollywood songs and I don’t think much of indie pop either, however, that doesn’t mean I plug my ears when I come across these genres without volition, and sometimes – actually more than sometimes – a light bulb appears because I’ve figured out a Bollywood music rip off.

I’ve heard the Indian pop song play often on my local meat shop’s radio, while the indie pop song was in everybody’s face at the time of release.
Great DJ‘ came out by The Tings Tings first, while ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ from its eponymous film is much more recent – as you would’ve guessed.

While it’s not so obvious from the start or too much of the arrangement (I guess they’re getting smarter) some of the lyrical translations that I know (boys = anjaanas, girls = anjaanis) are very similar…And then, most of all, there are very few songs in this world that have aa-aa-aa‘ing and ee-ee-ee‘ing; in fact I’ll even commend The Ting x2s for the original hook. But Bollywood? Well, that’s just how they are.
I only bothered blogging about this as it seems no one else has made this observation, for this song.

Listen for yourself:


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