Vitamin D and why HIV may not be the cause of AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day and this blog has been deliberately posted now in hopes to capitalise on the increased interest.

I will come out with it: I do not believe HIV causes AIDS.
I believe in immunodeficiency but I am unconvinced that there is an external, infectious retrovirus that accounts for what’s happening largely in Sub-Saharan Africans, a subset of gay men and intravenous drug users. I believe the causes are actually myriad but many relate to vitamin D, yet simple supplementation is not necessarily a quick fix.

Why? Click the picture below to download a PDF I wrote which is presented in a medical paper format – but note that it is not an actual medical paper. Feel free to link to it, print it out and share it – as long as you credit the underlying hypothesis to me.
I’ve released this under a Creative Commons license, and in essence it is a significantly cut-down and rewritten version of a chapter in my vitamin D book which I’m aiming to put out in some form by the middle of next year.

The ideas in this PDF are meant to instil a seed, whereas in the full chapter there will be a bombardment of evidence. As far as I know, I’m the only one to hold this particular view, or at least to have stated it in written form.

I understand that this is quite controversial – and I already doubt cholesterol causes heart disease (which fortunately has attracted entirely positive interest) -, so I’m happy to post any and all comment responses here whether they attack or praise the hypothesis. I will naturally not be allowing spam though and may consider censoring ad hominem attacks – i.e. arguments that attack me rather than the points raised. Please keep comments related to the article.

I may not respond to all comments if somehow there is a large amount of interest here, but I’m happy to be challenged. If someone can point out good flaws in my argument, then that will be a good lesson for me.
Bear in mind though, I class myself as an HIV sceptic, not an AIDS denialist, so referring to me as the latter would – I believe – nullify your argument. The nature of what defines AIDS as suggested by the US CDC means that it is impossible to actually deny AIDS.

Please share this post with others if you have taken the time to read it and agree with it.


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