Season’s greetings

If you thought 2010 was a bit of a quiet year from me (because I’m obviously assuming that people are sighing at every day that passes without one of my blog entries…), you’ll probably be wishing my fingers fall off throughout 2011.

The reason I’ve been quiet is, as some here already know, that I’ve been busy. Always doing something. When I’m writing things that stay offline I don’t really bother saying much online, unless it happens to be short nonsensical tweeting. But, now that I’ve finished my vitamin D book (I realise I said it was finished last time but since then added a bit more to it), all that remains left to do is tidy it up, which should be an easy job of a season or so, thanks to the fact that I organised the whole project very well.
The novel which I started properly in 2007 – but sort of began in 2006 – is still going through the long editing grind for two years now, and will enter its third. The problem with that project was that it wasn’t organised well at all, and also the latter project diverted my attention. That said, I remain proud that I have remained committed to the projects, as before 5yrs ago, I’d start things and bin them in a week.

Early next month (perhaps New Year’s Day) I’m going to upload a dedicated website for my vitamin D book as I need to generate buzz well in advance of it coming out; I can no longer freeload off the popularity of one particular blog post, even though that is still getting the hits at the expense of much newer posts.
The site will have its own dedicated blog and mailing list, so I will not be writing much about vitamin D on this particular blog in future, if at all. All who are on my small mailing list (which will discontinue but addresses will be ported over) or are subscribed to this site in one way or another will get the link to it as soon as possible. The site is already made but I have a few things to sort out. I’m also pondering on giving away the chapter on heart disease as I have written all about it before, just not in a tidy narrative.

While awareness of vitamin D has grown, it’s not been too good a year, what with the IOM of America raising the recommendation to only a little higher than before and the Scottish government ignoring the Shine on Scotland campaign. But battles are only won by sheer stubbornness. Anyone who’s involved in anyway at raising awareness or doing something related to vitamin D (even just telling someone about it) is one cog in a very large movement and every single thing matters, so I’ve been impressed by the half dozen people I’ve conversed with in some way this year who are interested in speeding up change.

Anyway, let’s get less serious. I updated the skin on this blog as I do every year (not that I made it but I’m happy to take credit for it), and my personal site is now a site – if minimalist – than just a series of button links to services.

Also, I’m a bit too into Judas Priest at the moment. And I think I’m going to go have a vigorous hour long walk to ‘Sin After Sin’ now.

Happy holidays.



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