Burzynski The Movie – Cancer Is Serious Business

Short post.

Yesterday I was alerted to Burzynski: The Movie, currently screening for free online until tomorrow. If you have an interest in healthcare this is an extremely interesting documentary to watch; it is jaw-dropping.

I’ll leave you to form your own opinion on it, but go there now before the link expires – although you can buy a DVD of it at a later date.
It runs for approximately two hours and will lower your opinion of the US FDA (if it hasn’t been lowered already).

Click here, sit back, relax; get amazed.



  1. I found the movie interesting and hope the Burzynski therapy will at last get an honest chance at being evaluated before the brain behind it dies.

    There’s still an incredible lot of work to be done in cancer research. Prevention has the least side effects, I for one am taking my vitamin D!


    1. His therapy isn’t perfect, but it’s very obvious that it should take priority over radio/chemotherapy. I wonder if it’s vitamin D that helps keep antineoplastons in the body?


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