Read Me: A Novelette-length Collection of Flash Fiction and Musicless Lyrics

While I continue work on a pair of writing projects – one due for next year; the other I won’t make any more promises for yet – I thought I’d share some decade-or-more old stuff; short material I created when I had just seen the back of acne.

I’ll put my hands up and admit that my primary motivation wasn’t to share, rather just to experiment with making an e-book. I wanted to insert something a bit more interesting than lorem ipsum text, so I fished about in a folder containing files long transferred from a deceased computer, and after a bit of light editing and presentation work I made an e-book!

Had it not been for this exercise I probably would have never produced this compilation. I’ve never shared this stuff before and never planned to. That said, I did bother to upload the files as I don’t dislike what I wrote; there’s something about this compilation that is sort of quaint. It reminds me of a freer time when I didn’t care about effort, plot or appearing mentally unstable. So, if that somehow appeals to you (which means that you need to see a doctor yourself), you can download the e-book in a few file popular formats here.
The whole “work” is just less than 10,000 words (hence the title), and is probably best enjoyed by reading one piece per day whenever you have a break of a few minutes. There are no digital locks on the files so you could use Calibre, for example, to convert them to another reading format.

The download page contains a little info about the formats, but if you’re confused you can just download the bland looking PDF. The Mobipocket format file can be transferred or emailed to a Kindle, while the ePub file is the common one to go for as it can be read on a multitude of e-readers (such as the Sony Reader) or computers (via Adobe Digital Editions, for example). If you have a modern smartphone or internet tablet (lucky you) you can even find reading software for that. Do a little app store search, or get eReader. I would avoid the PDF as it doesn’t have the main luxury of the other files, which is easy chapter navigation.

If you decide to read it, feel free to comment after. If you don’t want to read it…Well, I’m not going to push it. It’s not representative of the quality I strive for now, but it can’t be worse than the ghost-written biography of a reality TV celebrity, can it?

And it’s free. I couldn’t sell it and I wouldn’t try.


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