HTC Titan, WiFi problem

Not a long post here. I just wanted to share the fact that the HTC Titan has a little bug (highly likely to be software-related) which results in the quality of the WiFi connection being a bit iffy; that is to say the phone connects to a network fine but after a little while is mostly unusable and may require frequent toggling of the WiFi option between off and on. A Windows Phone update via Zune didn’t seem to address this problem.

The ‘fix’ I found is that if you turn your data/3G connection off, the WiFi works fine. So the issue is some sort of interference between the two signals, most likely through some software problem. It’s certainly inconvenient for some to have their data connection totally off at home as this will halt the delivery of MMSs, so hopefully a permanent fix will be available which will allow the two to co-exist; but for now just turn off network data when using WiFi.
I don’t know if this affects all Titan owners but certainly a number of people have alluded to it online. Someone demonstrated the issue on YouTube too:

28 November 2011: I contacted HTC Support (Europe), and I found it a little bit incredulous that they think it’s normal to switch data off for WiFi. As far as I know all other smartphones allow both 3G and WiFi to be on simultaneously. This allows MMSs to come in while on WiFi.

18 May 2012: Microsoft seem to be aware of the problem (since Feb) and are working on a fix. It’s a Mango OS problem as it affects several WP phones; most likely all those which have had the Internet Sharing function used.



  1. I’ve found this phone terrible on WiFi, to the point where I just give up using it. I hope that it’s fixed soon, definitely seems to be Titan specific and not WP7 in general, it was only changing my google search from ‘windows 7’ to ‘htc titan’ that I found this article 😉 Will try disabling data, although what a pain!


    1. That was exactly my feeling about the WiFi. If your WiFi works smooth with data turned off, do post another comment here.
      I’m almost certain the problem is the Titan alone, or at least a certain batch. I’m sure it’ll be fixed by a software update, but HTC don’t seem to have taken my complaint with much seriousness. I think they need a lot more people to flood them.


  2. Seems to work OK – I’ll keep an eye on it. I notice it quite a lot as I tend to stream music off the marketplace… I find it even more moody if you try to use it before the WiFi has re-established. I’ll see how it goes over the next 24hrs. The only thing with disabling data is remembering to turn it back on once you leave!


    1. An addition to the temporary fix I’ve found is that after turning WiFi and data off, if I then I turn WiFi on and use it for a while, and then turn 3G on, I still get a smooth WiFi connection. Still annoying to do, but it’s a way of still ensuring you get any MMSs when on WiFi.


      1. Hi mo, just noticed today that wifi&3g enabled at work poses no issues. So i will try if a different wifi config at home will make any difference.

  3. ok set the WiFi router from Speed: Auto to G Standard. Everything working fine now for me. Hope that helps you guys too. cheers Basil


  4. same issue on my titan!! Por lo menos encontré una solución temporal aquí!, muchas gracias. Ojalá arreglen el problema pronto con una actualización.


    1. My phone’s not that bad, but yes I’ve noticed limited range too. e.g. the number of WiFi signals I can pick up is less than what my netbook can.


      1. never had a problem with any other device in my house, including my last phone HTC Desire HD, that used to pick my WiFi up when i was driving down my street

        not sure if i should send it back, as i have only had it a couple of days, ive contacted HTC but they wern’t much help

      2. HTC tech support seem to be manned by zombies. 🙂 If it’s that bad it might be worth sending back for a refund, or having one more go with a replacement. My Titan picks up WiFi in all but 2 places around my flat – those nearest to the outside door.

    2. my house is not that big really, so from previous experience from other phones, i would expect to pick up a signal anywhere at home,

      i’m thinking of contacting Virgin and saying my router is caput so i can get a super hub from them, that might increase the conectivity,

      I’ll ring HTC again today to see if there are any other options i can explore

      Just out of interest, is there anyway to edit the ip settings on the titan, cheers


      1. A super-hub should help, or a wireless extender. Don’t think IP settings can be edited I’m afraid. Good luck.

  5. Just thought I’d post, after months of irritation I finally wiped it, did all the updates and manually copied my stuff back on (didn’t restore backup) and its absolutely fine now – no more toggling 3g on and off! Really pleased with it again now, great phone!


  6. htc titan wifi problem

    I have titan from Polish distribution and I was sure it was broken because I couldnt connect to my router standing 6m away and having wifi antenna in plain sight. I send it for warranty servicing and after 3 weeks I am back where I started. I bought this phone because of its net capabilities and I got shit 😦 I also have 2 other htc phones and nokia e51 that run very good on this network. I am now sorry that I didnt get galaxy sII


  7. Hi, got an update some weeks ago for my htc titan hoping this wifi matter should be addressed but I still got this issues. You wrote this article in november and it’s almost april and I think it’s a disgrace htc/microsoft hasn’t addressed this issue yet!


    1. I think the problem might be more HTC’s as it doesn’t affect Nokia’s Lumia range, for example. Regardless, HTC seem to only give more attention to their Android range.


    2. Hi I got sick of that, and I returned my Titan back to T-mobile , I dont understand how they can release stuff like that , it had the worst wifi I have ever seen, I recommend you do the same .


      1. I did the ‘recommended fix’ some time ago, which involved basically wiping the phone. It was a pain as I’d lost a fair bit of saved app information… I don’t know what it did to fix it, but it fixed it. I’ve been using mine with 3G/Wifi no problem now since I posted in early February.

        Out of interest, for those of you still struggling – have you done a full wipe? (And not restored from a backup afterwards)…

        Either way it’s a load of aggro that no-one wants, it’s certainly stopped me from recommending Windows Phones as I can’t trust the recommendation…

  8. I’ve not reset my phone yet as I find the prospect of putting back what gets lost a little annoying. I’m hoping that a future software update will not make resetting inevitable.


  9. Hello to al. I bought a Titan and compared to my iphone 3gs the Wifi range its a joke.. cant connect in the room or kitchen were i can with the iphone. Atwork i tested the lumia 800 and OMG it blow away the Titan… I made a Hard reset… the phone only has 15 days and i can trade for athoner one.. Any clues?
    sorry for my english 🙂


    1. It’s worth trying if you can swap it. The Lumia range of phones looks wonderful, and Nokia seem to really care about their Windows Phones, unlike HTC.


  10. I dont want an Android thats why im still with theTita. I like the Windows Phone but Lumias got a small display in my opinion..Dont realy know what to do.


  11. I just picked up an HTC Titan II and I have the same Wifi problem. This is actually my second device. The first one overheated on a very busy web page and bricked permanently. But the first one did not seem to have this Wifi poblem. This is REALLY annoying. I will try to take it back for a third one. Same issue on my home Wifi and work Wifi so it’s not the Wifi device problem.


    1. Same problem on Titan II?…Unbelievable! Fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky.
      I’m hoping anyone affected who’s sticking with their handset might find some luck with the Windows 8/RT update – if that’s coming to the original Titan.


  12. I have the same issue, HTC Support comes up with all the crap: reset the phone, update the software, connect to zune, and if that doesn’t work…..send it in for repair !


    1. I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to release a patch as I’m almost sure that’s all they need to do.


      1. I’ve given up now, I wiped mine at the start of the year or so, and I’m getting the same problems now. It was quite a lot of aggro wiping and not restoring the backup too (not sure this is the proper advice but it was a ‘safe’ way I thought). Also I’ve noticed with this phone it ‘hangs’ quite a bit…the touch screen becomes totally unresponsive and I have to hit the power button off/on to unlock the screen again to get back control. Even then it sometimes gets really jittery/thinks I’m pressing down when I’m not. Could be a fault with the phone hardware but I’m just not bothered anymore, switching to the Lumia 900 as soon as it’s out!

      2. Useful to know that I shouldn’t bother with a reset.
        I’ve not experienced any hanging problems, but that said my next phone – not so soon though – definitely won’t be an HTC; but I love Windows Phone.

  13. Hi there – Titan owner here. I’ve been struggling with the same problem, and researched a couple of solutions such as:

    a.) antenna – nope, switched covers, does not work
    b.) SW reset – helps for awhile
    c.) BT – nope
    d.) channel switching, 801.11g over n issue – nope

    But the problem in my case is finally isolated and refers to this:

    Here are the comments, look at the bottom:

    Seems to be that the data connection is preferred even as the wifi signal is strong enough in some cases. Don’t know why, since Wifi should alway be a priority, but this is why turning off data helps – the phone stops utilizing “dead” data connection and starts actually using WiFi.

    At least I know what’s wrong now, but I have no solution. Does anyone know if HTC is working on a fix? Shame because overall this is a wonderful device, but manually switching data on and off is stupid on a smartphone…


    1. I can’t tell you how to fix the HTC Titan. I can tell you the Nokia Lumia 800 makes it look feeble. Even though it’s smaller (I could have got the 900 but actually I fancied a smaller phone) I find it quicker, screen is better and most importantly, I haven’t had the sniff of trouble on WiFi with 3G enabled. I think Nokia care a lot more about this phone than HTC do…


      1. Thanks for the tip. If I could I really would exchange it, but Lumias are horribly expensive in Europe so far, plus I really love the camera an I’ve heard that Lumia’s is slightly worse. I guess if they will not fix it, I will have to consider it.

      2. ok just tro wrap it up, I had my Titan twice sent to the company that fixes it and they have put it new motherboard, now it works very good, so dont wait for software update because its MB that is bad, now I have very good wifi and 3G reception

      3. can you tell me if this was due to that specific bug (3G priority over WIFI)? I highly doubt that, seems more like SW problem to me… I’d love to know for sure since I’m gonna be without a phone for 3 weeks of repairs

    2. Didn’t realise Radar owners have the same issue, and it seems some Titan II owners have it as well. Apart from my own complaint last year I don’t know how many HTC have received.
      I bought the Titan on release and I’ve only had one software update so far and that didn’t address the issue. I’m guessing that Microsoft and HTC probably have to work together on this.


    1. That’s actually interesting as I remember reading a Samsung Omnia 7 owner complaining that they had the same problem after getting the internet sharing update (from OS 7 to 7.5, presumably) – but I didn’t connect that the problem to the Titan.
      I have used internet sharing a few times as well. I’m certain that the problem just needs software addressing.


    2. What might give credence here is the fact that it seems the Lumia phones don’t have Internet Sharing yet (mooted for Tango update), and those owners don’t report the problem.
      Fingers xd for Tango.


  14. I have a Titan for 2 months. No problems or whatsoever.

    Until 2 hours ago, I was trying “shared internet”. Of course now my Wifi doesn’t work properly… Fuck fuck fuck!!


  15. I also experienced the dreaded no wi-fi connection on my Titan after trying shared internet. However, I was able to make a wi-fi connection after removing the sim card. When I put the sim card back, wi-fi continues to work fine, as does data connection. I don’t understand, but I’ll take it.


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