The Vitamin D Saga

When I login to the admin page of this blog I’m constantly reminded that I’m sort of a ‘one-hit wonder’. Over half of the all-time hits to here are to one post that is now old enough to soon start primary school. I’m not bothered by that though as I’m glad that it’s one node to attract people to vitamin D, and the subject introduced me to some new friends and experiences.

As many people will know, I’ve been working on a vitamin D book for nearly two years now. Part of the reason for taking that amount of time is to round off five years of personal observation on one particular subject, and secondly, because vitamin D is such a fast-developing story, new pieces of data jump at me frequently to be added to the book; e.g. where there was once a review, there is now a study, where there was once a study there is now a placebo-controlled randomised trial, where there was PCRTs, there is now an impressive meta-analysis etc. This has sometimes been annoying as I wish, for writing purposes, you could put a pause button on vitamin D information, but it shows that the bowl is brimming nicely.

A handful of people have been very courteous in offering to read my work or suggesting what to add (I haven’t forgotten anyone), but so far I’ve rebuffed all offers. Reason being is that I find working by ‘committee approval’ on a 1.0 release very hard to do. I want to be dictatorial for the first release and hope that for the next edition/accompanying blog people do provide enough feedback as I aim to keep the content as relevant and up-to-date as possible. This, I believe, is crucial if you want a vitamin D book to be useful for more than just the year of release. I also acknowledge that I may have omitted some information people would like now, but I have tried very hard to encompass all the most important parts of the topic.

My aim is to self-release it (it has been turned down by hundreds of agents and publishers – not something to brag about, but there, I’ve disclosed it) in late January, but I will add that I’m not 100% sure this will happen. I wish I had an imposed deadline but as I don’t I can let it cook to a perfect heat. If Prescribing Sunshine were a mountain and I a climber, I would say that I can see the summit very clearly now, but I’m not sure where the final point is as it’s hazy in the clouds. Last summer I had reported that the book was finished then but this was a grossly premature assessment; this time I’m highly accurate, and if it’s not out in late January, you still won’t have to wait long. My last tasks are the editing of a couple of chapters, reading through everything and sewing it up. There is nothing whatsoever to write now. Editing has been a detailed process as I want the narrative to be sharp so as to grab the reader by the collar.

I have been churning out the same sort of update for much of the year and I can only apologise for boring anyone with that. Ketchup is always more rewarding when smacked out of a bottle, and I hope people will feel the same about that with my work. If this book were humorous I would consider calling it The Anarchist’s Guide to Vitamin D.



  1. The humoristic angle is actually not a bad idea. If sales disappoint, you could try printing some with “The Anarchist’s Guide to Vitamin D” on the cover and see how people react to them. I remember well, Tim Ferriss of the 4HWW put books with different covers in a shop and looked which people were attracted to, before deciding what to go for. On the other hand, I can understand the desire to follow your heart. Best of luck!


    1. If only I’d written it with more humour – the total number of lines where you get a little giggle adds up to just a paragraph. But it’s something to bear in mind; people like For Dummies books, and Vitamin D for Dummies is already taken (as well as being licensed).
      I’d say that the book could only do about as well as there is appreciation of the subject, which is modest; but worth a go. It’s different anyway. This one is probably about as dark as a book about feeling good can get.


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