Album review: VCMG – Ssss

VCMG. It sounds like some sort of merger of car manufacturers, but it’s actually just the combined initials of two original electro-pop band members who have reunited after 30yrs to present us ‘some minimalist techno music’.

Now, I like what these two guys have achieved in their day jobs, but I’ve never been into hearing a repetitive 4/4 kick drum surrounded by dodgy synth riffs that possibly could only be enjoyed with illicit aids, but I decided to give this a go as I thought there should be a bit of a spin on it.

In some ways there isn’t. You could make the case that this is another of those albums which doesn’t represent the historical DNA it arose from. So in that respect, you probably really need to like ‘minimalist techno music’ to like it.

…That said, I gave the album a handful of listens and it does appear to be a grower. Occasionally you can make out probably who did what – VC’s white fish with black eye happy stuff, and MG’s black fish with white eye darker stuff. While there is 4/4 kick drum almost throughout, the riffs aren’t dodgy and amidst the stereotypical canvas there are some really interesting earworms – in terms of sounds and structure.

Fans of the respective bands of VCMG probably won’t play this infinitely (I put my hand up), but for a type of music that I – let’s be clear – call crap, it is quite engaging. Highlights would have to be the dark Spock, the trippy Windup Robot, the aptly titled Bendy Bass, and Aftermaths with its kind of harsh synth that wants to work as a basic vocal line

Do I want to see a follow-up to Ssss? Personally, no. But for a project that seems to have be borne out of pure fun, seemingly through internet exchange of files, it’s a worthy release to have put out. It’s somewhat an appetiser to what they’ll serve up next as split twigs again.



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