Some chords and some words

A few months ago I heard Bruce Springsteen’s classic 1982 album Nebraska for the first time. I’m not a huge Springsteen fan, but every time I heard about this one I was intrigued. And then not disappointed.

I’m a musician myself, although my ability to play melodic instruments is a little less than intermediate. But on hearing this simple album of well-crafted acoustic songs recorded to a basic tape recorder (that lo-fidelity definitely enhances the feel), I thought “I could have a go at that.” So I am. I can’t sing well, but I can polish it up with a bit of practice; not that I’ll be attempting anything operatic.

I got an acoustic guitar and picked up a pen and some paper, and I’ve already got rough demos of a handful of songs. I want to have an album-ful and record them properly. I’m not saying I’m going to make the next Nebraska, just that I want to see if I can make an album all by myself. I’ve been in bands before, and even still jam noisy stuff weekly with a friend, but any attempts at progressing it gets aborted quickly.

I plan to nicely record less than a dozen songs sometime next year and give it away for free. It won’t be very long and I won’t be going around clubs attempting to promote. My goal is this: Can I do it, and can I make something worthy?

I mightn’t finish it as I haven’t promised myself that. But as I’m finding it fun and relaxing I might get there. I don’t want to carbon-copy Nebraska (or even Bob Dylan who could’ve written Nebraska himself), but as blues stories are always more interesting than happy ones it’s going to be a bit bleak. But bleak is always interesting.

I might not blog again until the new year, so I’ll say it now: Seasons Greetings!


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