Woolwich attack

Apologies first if the formatting of this post looks odd. I’m using the email-to-blog feature for the first time as my home internet and landline are down for a little while, and I’m being conservative with mobile data.

What can I say about the Woolwich terror attack (a fancy alternative for the word murder) that others aren’t saying? Nothing really. I may not be religious, but just like you can’t blame all Christians for paedophile priests, it’s irrational to think any Muslim neighbour of yours spends his time salivating over machetes.

I’m not a supporter of UK/US foreign policy because I detest killing for no justified motive, which is precisely why I don’t have a molecule of sympathy for the attackers of Lee Rigby either.
But foreign policy and a magnetisation to radical Islam I think are background rather than foreground elements to this story. We’ve heard that these attackers had a tendency towards aggression before embracing a strand of Islam and were hoping to find some enlightenment in a popular curio from the East, but what appealed to their heart overcame their intellect, and goons like Anjem Chowdry and Omar Bakri Mohammed got to feed the fuel which the far-right relishes.

In other words, we had a couple of crazy people who found a crazy narrative for their mindlessness. This might be more common under the Muslim umbrella these days, under the media eye, but it doesn’t only come from there and it’s perverse to extrapolate the actions of some as being representative of all.
These guys are an embarrassment, not just to Muslims, but humanity. Something failed them, which failed us.

The roots go deeper. And I just hope the majority don’t forget that the EDL and Islam4UK etc. precisely crave division. Better to not satisfy either of those lunatics.


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