Review – Bill Bailey: Qualmpeddler (DVD)

You know how it is, you gift someone something for the holiday season, you give it to them early, they decide to open it early and they drag you into their impatience.

Said friend was the one who got me into Bill Bailey. For those of you who don’t know him (not my friend) I suggest you to Google (or Bing, I’m so used to that because of my Microsoft assimilation) his name and check out a few things.

How would I describe Bill Bailey? Well, to use some words he’d probably used to describe himself, he looks like an English wizard and uses flowery vocabulary and the aid of musical instruments to get you to split your sides.

He’s put out a number of DVDs of his tours and is generally established as a contemporary great. Qualmpeddler in some ways isn’t much more to talk about as it’s more of the same with fresh new content based on the times. It’s like buying an album by that band that never changes: he’d like that comparison, I’m sure.

I can’t think of any way I can stretch this to at least 500 words and am really only writing as a way to put up something before year-end. But maybe you’d want to hear about The Chantelle Paradox? Maybe hear a German heavy metal version of Simon & Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair? And if you hang on for the bonus you can see something that’s the opposite of funny.

The Blu-ray version also has Ultraviolet – not the actual light, but it means you can watch it on one of those things many people will get for Xmas either in cheap or luxury form – a tablet.
Worth seeing if you can as most TV is dross. I actually watch very little TV but I know it’s dross, and the funny thing is that Bailey goes into a bit about the vacuousness of celebrity. So if you feel some affinity on that front you would like him.

I can’t even get to 400.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year in advance!