Review: Swees 25600mAh power bank

Nice weather we’re having?… I’m from England.

Speaking of weather, last month I was sitting in an airport boarding gate waiting for my outbound flight. Though there had been some flight cancellations the previous days at Heathrow – thick fog – I thought I’d get lucky because some flights were leaving. However, the flight time on the display board kept on showing later numbers until eventually everyone sitting there sighed at the speaker announcement.

I wasn’t panicked at the flight loss because I was able to rebook easily for 2 days later and was offered accommodation, but my phone battery had died and all the charging ports around me were in use. Like most, I don’t know most peoples’ numbers by heart to contact via a phone booth, and I had converted all my currency (not a single coin on me). People in contact were tracking my flight but I couldn’t communicate until a little while later (finding a plug back in the departures entrance). Should I just travel back to the house I was staying or wait to be collected? Those questions couldn’t be resolved quickly and at a relaxed pace because my phone was dead (it held enough charge to get home if I had no delay or cancellation).

I resolved to get a power bank, the biggest capacity you could get for a good price! I actually didn’t need to go over the top, but when you’re annoyed by a situation you can overcompensate, and I did. But the model I got would be useful in long-haul situations too (not that I’m planning on that anytime soon).

The Swees 25600mAh power bank is huge! You can get smaller – often sensible – ones that look like lighters that will charge an average smartphone a couple of times, but this one looks like a small hard drive and weighs nearly half a kilo. It charges my 2000mAh phone 9.5 times alone and my 7000mAh tablet 2.5 times alone. Though you could get away with putting it in a coat pocket it is more appropriate for a bag. It has 4 dim blue lights which signify 25% charge each, but these aren’t very accurate as the last 2 lights disappear quicker than the first 2. A micro USB to USB cable is included, but you’ll want a 2A wall plug to charge this in about half a day. A 1A plug will take more than a day. I’ve had this unit a month now and it’s doing fine. It charges all devices I have, including a Kindle and data dongle.

I’ve found that as well as for travel it’s great for use at home. If I want to use my phone or tablet while it’s charging I don’t have to be chained to the wall as I can put the power bank everywhere, and you’re recommended to at least charge it once every 4mths to keep the battery working well.

If you really need a whopper of a power bank I have no reservations in recommending this.

Btw, season’s greetings.