Windows 10 Mobile upgrade

I’ve been a Windows Phone user for 5yrs now, from the nearly earliest days of WP 7.5. I’m not sure why I should admit that as iPhone and Android have been the phones to have due to their vastly bigger app stores.

The Lumia 640 is my third phone (oddly, the first two died after nearly 2yrs each) which I picked up at Xmas, and after a few months of continued use of WP 8.1 I’m now on Windows 10 Mobile. Not as catchy as Windows Phone but it reveals Microsoft’s plans for having a unified system for all their devices and services.

In aggregate, W10M doesn’t seem that different to WP, which most people will find comfortable. It looks a bit different but works the same. I, however, did have some upgrade niggles. My People/address book was emptied, and despite my Microsoft Account being tied to my email address and calendar, the Mail and Calendar apps kept asking to add my account details even though they already existed! I tried various things, sought official technical support, but in the end I just reset the device – which wasn’t too painful because a backup managed to restore apps, data and settings in largely one action – and the problem was solved. I don’t know what happened but it’s working. A friend of mine who joined WP last year also had a few upgrade issues, dissimilar to mine, so I’m sure there’s quite a few for whom upgrading was stressful. I remember the only hatred for going from WP 7.5 to 7.8 was that 8.1 wouldn’t given to my first phone (and WM10 wouldn’t have been given to my second phone).

I think W10M is a bit more of a battery drain on my high-capacity battery and there’s still some app niggles, but overall it’s doing all the things I want it to do. Of course, the reason for this upgrade is also to entice developers to make Universal apps that work on PCs, tablets etc. in order to ramp up the Windows ecosystem. Whether they’ll achieve this goal, I don’t know. I thought WP8.1 would make a big difference and it didn’t. I’d like to continue being a W10M user as I love the interface and I’m sold into all things MS, but I have to admit that I wouldn’t hesitate to leap to iPhone – at least the new, cheaper SE – if there’s no compelling long-term benefit, and it might be nice to have a change. But I do like WP/W10M.

I’m just sorry for all the people who won’t be getting W10M, it’s the second time old Windows Phoners have been abandoned. And who knows what the deal will be when the Surface Phone(s) replace the Lumia range later this year?


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