Patty wars

I don’t eat much fast food, so when I do I think I might as well go upmarket because it’s a rare expenditure.

I was first introduced to Gourmet Burger Kitchen about a decade ago and since then I barely remember entering the Golden Arches. They have a wide variety of choice and it’s all fresh stuff. Likely as good as can be for the body as it is on the tongue. Of course it costs, on average 3x more than from a cheap place, but you feel satisfied. Habanero’s my fave.

GBK isn’t the only ‘posh burger’ place though as competition has been encroaching. However, they remain a favourite.

I’ve been to Byron a couple of times and they really just seem a slightly more snobby McDonald’s. I think they’re alright but they would always be a choice below GBK and my other favourite:

Which is Honest. Honest don’t have a huge menu but the restaurant environment is pleasant and the food is just as good, maybe slightly better than GBK’s. I also can’t resist the cola bottle gums-like premium Karma Cola.

Yesterday I was at Boom Burger and I had high hopes for this Jamaican joint because the menu looked tantalising and I expected an explosion of flavour. But while perfectly edible I found the taste rather bland, on top of which the seating is limited and shoddy and you have to compete with fairly loud music when placing your order. I had to point to menu items in fear of being misheard. I tried plantain fries; too sweet for my palette. The mango sauce in the burger was nice though.

I think my days of trying new places is over (mainly as I don’t know anymore). I’ll stick with GBK and Honest.


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