The Trump card

2016 definitely seems to have been a weird year. We’ve had an above average number of celebrity deaths and topsy-turviness in world events.

The ‘sequel’ to Brexit seems to have been the election of Donald Trump as the next POTUS. If I were an American I’d have voted the Green’s Jill Stein in order to shake up the ongoing Democrat-Republican power saga. More ideally I’d have liked Bernie Sanders to have been the Democratic candidate as his ideas are, well, really idealistically Democrat and he would have undisputedly beaten Trump.

While it would have been welcome to have a first female POTUS after the first black one, most correctly see Hillary as self-serving and with a taste for overseas conflict. Trump, I believe, will end up being an unremarkable Republican, not able to deliver on almost all of his outlandish plans (he’s already backtracked on many) and will likely only last one term. Hillary would’ve offered the same false hope as Obama with a little bit more blood on her hands. 2020 will hopefully be the year where US politics reconfigures and people have better and saner choices.

I think, like with Brexit (and I’m an open Brexiteer and I still have no regret yet as it’s yet to happen and the EU’s in danger of collapse or necessary remodelling) most Trump ‘fans’ are actually just Hillary-dislikers. All racists voted for Trump, but not all who voted for him are racist. All racists voted for Brexit but not all Brexiteers are racist. The convergence is in wanting to bang a fist at the standard path. I don’t think the USA is going to have a KKK administration and I don’t think we’re going to see a new Hitler in Europe. When things get awry economically this pattern is predictable but I’d like to think that we remember the lessons of the past and curb excesses and not walk blindly into things.

It’s not a dawn of chaos ahead but a little din before we work things out for the better. However, I’m not a seer, just an optimist.

I also hope to blog a bit more in 2017. I did good enough for half of this year.