Bladed boomerangs always return injuries

My country’s turn again yesterday for a terror attack.

The only people who should be getting media coverage are the victims and heroes, not the attacker.

The other people who shouldn’t be given coverage are those using the event as some kind of evidence for their illogical politics.

If the attacker did represent all Muslims, London would have been reduced to a crater a long time ago. Why is Abdul Sattar Edhi not seen as representative of all Muslims? Click that link. No one represents anyone but themselves; Muslims, like people of other or no religion, are too diverse to subscribe to groupthink politics. And even where politics are shared, actions are not.

We shouldn’t worry about Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson either because if they held the common view of white Britons, London would also have been reduced to a crater a long time ago.

Most far-rightists and Islamists etc. are all mouth. Those who shed blood are mercifully even less.

Also consider this: Why did we worry about the IRA largely until the Good Friday Agreement? Why have we been worried about Islamists since then?

Bladed boomerangs always return injuries.


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