We’re machines…

Men are PCs:

1. Utilitarian design
2. Often cheap
3. More likely to crash
4. Prone to viruses
5. Obscure methods of self-promotion
6. Perfectly adaptable to your needs

Women are Macs:

1. Attractive design
2. Better at multi-tasking
3. Accessories cost more
4. Hardware lasts a little longer
5. Better at advertising itself
6. Want you to do things their way


Depeche live, Kaspersky freeze, OnePlus refuge, Grenfell soreness

That hodgepodge of a post title is probably fairly unique on the internet, if also uninspired.

I saw Depeche Mode at the London Stadium last month and forgot to blog about it. Not the first time I’ve seen them (in fact, a good few times over 12yrs) but the first at a big outdoor venue (West Ham Football Club’s home). It was great. They filled that vast stadium with their particular brand of atmospheric electronic rock and everyone lapped it up.

The only sour end to the night was the London Bridge terror attack which was in the vicinity of the concert and had killed me and my girlfriend’s audio high as we looked at the news in shock. It’s terror like that that keeps me questioned when flying.

As for Kaspersky, well I use their Internet Security suite on my PC. I had been having some problems since the Windows 10 Creators update though, where a few minutes after booting the system would freeze and I would have to manually turn it off and worked out temporary methods to stop frozen reboots. With a bit of help from tech support from Russia I found out that it was actually Malware Bytes, sitting seemingly idly as a confirmation scanner, that was now causing a conflict with Kaspersky, and – what do you know – uninstalling Malware Bytes sorted me out. Just thought I’d share that for anyone who needs it.

OnePlus. I have a OnePlus 5 phone. Yes, I’ve moved from nearly 6 years of Windows Phone/Mobile to Android, and I’m totally happy. Not only am I on the most popular OS which has quenched my app desire but I have high-quality mid-range hardware to go with it. It’s all been smooth and I wish I’d left sooner as even Microsoft services excel (haha!) here over WP. I do have a fondness for my old smartphone OS choice but with decreasing support, no real new phones and an uncertain Surface Phone, I just wanted to float on stable waters.

I haven’t talked about the now-famous Grenfell tower. Partly because of immense coverage everywhere and some internal soreness over the issue. I used to live in that area from birth to around 18 months, not in that tower but exceedingly close. I have pictures of where I lived but I can’t connect it to real memories as I was so small.

I saw the tower recently while travelling on the Tube. You’d normally ignore it as any grey building, but currently that charcoal-black-warzone-looking wreck stands out ominously and everyone looks at it on the carriage. It’s worse up close, and even worse is that it’s seemingly the result of a cascade of errors. A friend’s grandmother lost an acquaintance there.

I hope that justice is delivered and that this never happens again. I also hope that I can avoid being immediately around bad news.

I’d write more but I’m feeling quite yawny already early this evening, in a summer that wants to be autumn prematurely.